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Internal Jobs

This web site provides a list of job opportunities for Exelon and only employees without a network/LAN ID may use this web site to view and apply for jobs.  For instructions on how to use this site, follow the directions below.

  •  If you are not an Exelon employee, do not use this site. Please go to Exelon’s external career web site to view and apply for jobs:
    External Jobs
  •  If you are an Exelon employee and have a network/LAN ID, do not use this site.  Please go to ECOS on the internal network to view and apply for jobs.


For Exelon employees without a network/LAN ID


Internally-posted jobs are extracted nightly from Exelon’s Recruiting & Staffing system and posted here for your viewing.  The internal job file contains all Exelon management, management non-exempt and craft jobs available to Exelon employees.  The first several pages of the job file contain a summary listing of all jobs available.  If you see a job of interest and would like to see a job description, click on the Job Opening ID number and you will be linked to the job details.


If you wish to submit your resume for more than one position, please complete a separate form for each job opening.  E-mails or faxes with multiple jobs selected will not be considered.


Follow these easy steps to view and apply for jobs: